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Get Focused – Time Management & Digital Detox in the Face of COVID-19

Total Credits: 0 Attorney Professional Conduct, 1 General

COVID-19 |  Law Practice Management |  Technology
Paul Unger, Esq.


Maintaining focus before COVID-19 was challenging enough. Now we must add in the stresses of working from home, managing social distancing, keeping our families safe, and keeping our practice afloat. Achieving focus during this time can be extremely challenging! Join law practice time management expert, Paul Unger, author of Tame the Digital Chaos – Time, Task, Email & Distraction Management for this one-hour webinar on how to achieve laser focus and work-life balance in the face of this pandemic.



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Affinity Consulting Group

Paul J. Unger is a nationally recognized speaker, author, attorney, and thought-leader in the legal technology industry.  He is a founding principal of Affinity Consulting Group, a nationwide consulting company providing continuing legal education, and management & technology consulting. He served as Chair of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center, Chair of ABA TECHSHOW, and served on the Executive Committee for ACLEA from 2017 – 2019.

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